Knowledgelab in Lancaster: Conference between Linux hacklab, vegan food, floorspace accomodation, anarcho -folkband gig, sociology and indymedia

The Knowledgelab in Lancaster was fantastic. The organisation was perfect. The food and accomodation was free and the facilities flawless. There was lots of entertainment offered from a gig of the anarcho-folk band “Seize the Day” to more arty-groovy-techno VJing on Friday, and for the non-party people it was possible to stay and chat in the pub, which would have also offered fantastic food, too. There were quite a lot of Indymedia people and in some sense we probably took over the alternative media, although other workshops were also running in the media space, such as about Creative Commons and Licences, and Salsaman (one of the creators of Dynebolic , the multimedia Linux distro) presented his new software programm LiVES, a video editing program, Mick his Clearer Channel grassroots video distribution project, and some artists from Chicago their 60ies video archiving art project.
Other initiatives also included practical workshops in the improvised hacklab such as about Scribus, the free desktop publishing program with a new version just launched working on windows, too and gpg = secure encoded email. Blogmail is a Spanish project which allows you to send emails from a webinterface and cc them to your blog as well, e.g. such as if you are travelling and writing a report or answering questionnaires or whatever. We were discussing a little bit if it is actually usefull and in what ways.
There were also a lot of discussions, such as about Feminism and Technology and other stuff.
I did some notes which will be posted up on the Wiki soon .

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