Fluffy is ill

Fluffy is sick. (s)he has got quite a bit of diarrhoea. The whole bottom is wet. I am a bit worried it would be the “wet tail syndrom” which requires immediate antibiotics. Poor Fluffy. No wonder (s)he did not get out of her hamster house and did not eat anyhing or use the hamster wheel. When examining the bottom, I had another look and today Fluffy looks like being male. Damn, you never know with these small little pets!

Hopefully Fluffy recovers over the weekend, will try to make it to the vet tomorrow.

The Knowledgelab plans to run 4 streams.


Comment by Gordon on 2006-02-03 21:08:41 +0100

Hi there – Just doing the rounds of the ‘Edinburgh’ area blogs. There’s a blogmeet on the 18th, in the Jolly Judge. More details on the Scottish Blogs website.

pass it on.

Comment by courtney on 2006-02-08 13:47:37 +0100

I love hampsters too so i hope yours get better soon.Mine in named elephant though not fluffy!

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