Applications, applications

Now, I am trying to apply for some work experience, jobs and internships. As they insist that stuff would have had to be published either on the web or in print, the easiest option is of course to just drop it on the blog. Hope the essay on copyright did not offend anybody, but that was the topic given and could not change it. It took quite a lot of effort to actually find some positive aspects of copyright law, with the main one that it is still better than patents.
The weekend we are off to a GNU/Linux meeting, the Knowledgelab in Lancaster.
Fluffy, the hamster, is staying in her – yes, I examined her closely and it looks as if he is a she- house and did not really come out to play since saturday. Not sure what she is up to. Every time I lift the lid she is sleeping. She is not eating much either. But she doesn’t look sick, she seems to be curious enough to sniff around. Maybe she is hibernating, but then she is staying in the warm living room. Well there is not much I could do about it, so I just let her sleep on. Guess she just feels supercomfy in her house and wants to snooze off all the stress and sleep deprivation she had beforehand. As well as now having a luxurious big wooden house with soft bedding and her first hoard. Will see after the weekend if she settled down enough to play again in her hamsterwheel.

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