Got a hamster yesterday, called it “Fluffy”, as it has still its baby hamster fluff, it is about 8 weeks old. Fluffy settled in really well. It is grey and brown with some white spots and really cute. [Hamster colours]
It went straight up to me and nibbled on my finger, and without any problem curiously went into the cardboard box, too.
It never had seen a wheel, but it pretty quickly found out how to use it and after about half an hour started to exercise the whole night. I hope I will be encouraged to exercise with him on my treadmill, to keep fit, too.
It also started to like the nibbly nutstick at once, but refused its house – which is more a wooden hamster villa- till it got really tired. It likes its corners, too. I am not sure which gender Fluffy is, need to find out when it is more tame, but we were thinking it is probably male.
It is still suspicious of fresh veggies though – gave a little bit of pepper, cucumber and carrot for it to choose and a little bit of hard bread but he ignores it all so far.
There is a hamster rescue, taming, boarding and adoption service for hamsters by a small hamstery in Scotland, too. There is a broad hamster forum recommended for all things hamstery and in Britain there is apparantly the more formal British Hamster Association, and the Hamster Society .
Unfortunately I still can not find out what breed Fluffy would fall under, only which ones he wouldn’t, he is just impossible to classify. I wonder if he is short-haired or a rex, but guess am only able to find out with time when he is a little bit older.
Here is another Animal Rescue Website, as poor hamsters, mice and guinea pigs are also used as food for big snakes. Friends of mine once rescued a whole lot of baby guinea pigs from the purpose of being snake fodder, as they did some work experience with the zoo. However, if I remember correctly some of the guinea piglets were some years later killed – but not eaten- by a naughty German shephard dog.

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