Book(ing) problems

At the moment I am reading an autobiography by John Simpson, the BBC World Affairs Editor. It is quite interesting and I found out I like autobiographies much more than biographies, which are most of the time factual, but boring. Review will appear here shortly, as I have already a lot to say about it.
And finally after 4 weeks, I got my “Scot’s Law for Journalists” and the Guradian style guide. After trying for months to order it from WordPower, Edinburgh’s radical, independent bookshop, who were unable to obtain it, whilst all my collegues already got it from Amazon, (also anti-trade-union) I switched over to order it on the web because I hoped I would get it before the Law exam, but unfortunately something went wrong – I neither had a parcel number, nor ever got a card from DHL the transport company, and only was able to make some progress by stopping a driver from DHL on the road asking for contact details. Even then had to put a whole load of time and investigative research into it. Now, I always thought that ordering by web should simplify things not make it more complicated. Now I defintely prefer bookshops to ordering online and Borders in Glasgow is actually the best for Journalism. Just googling for the website and found out, that it is, according to the socialists, who tend to hype up things though, that it is vigorously anti-union.
Will ask next time I visit.

Have to run now as want to go over to Glasgow today to sort out the Indymedia bank account after several years of (in)existance, go to the book presentation about the G8 and see the exhibition “Where the truth lies” (slightly stupid title imho but at least one member of the collective is obsessed with THE TRUTH whichever it may be…), do some audio editing, need to drop of some magazines and stuff at the Glasgow’s Women’s Library and hope to go to Borders to pick up a media directory and scan for new books.

Also I would really need to wite some articles for newspapers, and do some audio for community radio, however, writing for web is just so much more easy as mistakes are so much easier rectified than for print.

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