Contrary to my beliefs, this region does really exist in the West of Pakistan, near the Afghanistan and Iranian border. Somebody posted a contribution to Indymedia Scotland about an atrocity being perpetrated in Balochistan, and with some help of Indymedia volunteers we found out that this is true, though the posting is still problematic to actually find out what happened when where and why and by whom. Horrible pictures of mashed up brains and heads and people are attached, but that’s what people should see if there is a war – the truth and reality.

I wish I would have time to investigate a bit more about what is going on, but have exams in the following days and weeks.

Also, the Dalkeith Park is getting evicted from the treesitting protesters. I hardly had time to go there and take pictures and report from there, either. It was a beautiful park with 850 acres and already roads around it, and now they are even building one right through it.

Furthermore my granny has died and I should really go to her funeral.

Also I want to apply for a nice job, and the deadline is tomorrow.

I feel therefore pretty pressured with time, as well as the parcels did not arrive and I need to follow up where they are stuck as well as having even more appointments and I am a bit stressed out also with lack of placement and similar.


Comment by Onlooker on 2006-01-20 12:19:44 +0100

Balochistan does indeed exist. And if you’ve got the interest here are three blogs to let you know what’s going there:

Comment by Hafeez Jamali on 2006-01-24 06:23:12 +0100

Thank you for your interest in the problems facing Balochistan and Baloch people. I am a Baloch and maintain a blog titled ‘Balochistan Forum’ on the emerging conflict in Balochistan at

My blog also contains the summary of a fact findinf report by the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) on the on-going conflict in Balochistan. It also contains in-depth analyses from major Pakistani and International political analysts and human rights activists.

Baloch are indigenous people living on the border of South Asia and the Middle East. We speak Balochi, an indo-iranian language, and are largely secular in our attitude and outlook.

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