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I love this new blog solution. My boyfriend, the lovely Micah, has set it up for me. He is a super person who defies all technical difficulties and is a free software advocate, and always happy and chirpy.

I also decided that I would professionalise the blog, rename it, create a new lay-out and style, have less rumours and activisty moaning in it and more reviews and journalistic writing.
This is because not all of the postings were transferred and I worked about 8 hours yesterday manually transferring. Whilst reading through these I decided that the most interesting and usefull ones were actually reviews of political films, videos, events, books and transfer of knowledge in general. Political rants and rumours were much less interesting, but although good to preserve, though subjective and objective meanings might be good to be seperated occasionally.

It is sad that during and before the G8 I seemed to suffer from inhibited writing and therefore many of the postings are pretty useless to actually find out about the atmosphere in the anti-G8 mobilisation and organisation and what went well and what went wrong.

Particularly uninspiring where also the postings with “Nothing happened these days” or similar, actually the personal ordinary life experiences. Maybe they might be more interesting in a decade or a century, but actually, I don’t want to wait so long.

This blog has also the advantage that it is easier to upload files such as pictures. I look forward to add pictures, as I love photography, too.

Also it is so much easier now to backdate entries and add them.

Unfortunately none of the comments has been imported, I will need to find out how to add them here manually. Also the single posting of a different user has not yet been transferred and am not yet sure about what to do with it.

Whilst transferring the links section I unfortunately found out that some people gave up their blogs in the meantime: such like Dexer and Pseudopunk and the G8 Bloggers syndication site.

When the old blog solution on the php-slash CMS did stop working I really missed writing my daily entries. I felt like a piece of my soul got amputated.

Now, I need to get in the swing of writing again.

However, one disadvantage is that there is no seperation between abstract and full text. I am still not sure if this is an improvement or a disadvantage. It is possible to only display the first 120 signs per posting on the front page, but am not yet sure this has the same effect as a summary box.

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