My favourite dish: Creamed Spinach

creamed spinach
Micah also likes creamed spinach.
Micah has got his own blog now:

Unfortunately Lidl doesn’t stock it anymore, it is the most delicous dish, especially to loose weight.
My sister has given me a lot of presents this year, amongst them a nice mobile phone and funding for my telephone rechargable battery and a documentary DVD “One Day in September”. This documentary has won an Oscar and now Steven Spielberg has made a film out of this topic, called “Munich” and will be released on 27th of January.

Also Alison has sent me an email pointing out a new webpage she found about documentary films.

Also I got the book to “Simplify your life”. I am particularly keen on the advice on how to tidy up my flat and my desk. It is a Number 1 Bestseller in Germany and written by a priest. There are other books with the same name in English, I am unsure if that is the same concept though.

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