Katrina relief effort is the ultimate consequence of capitalism

Seeing the victims of the hurricane Katrina begging for help from rooftops with no water nor food gets me so angry.
The world’s richest nation and yet no help, just army for days.
What the fuck is going on?
Have we already approached the century of barbarism?
Good to hear that at least Food Not Bombs and Infoshop and the anarchists have got their act together.
Good to see New Orleans Indymedia still up with uptodate newswire and breaking news, and supported by Houston Indymedia, too.
But hey! did we not have this before?
Senseless stupid office burocrats shuffling off responsibility whilst making decisions – or no decisions – resulting in thousands to die?
I hate capitalism.
Seeing hundreds of busses underwater whilst no transport for the poor out of New Orleans.
Seeing the army protecting shops whilst people die in the streets because of hunger and thirst.
I hate capitalism. And I disgust the US system. No health care, no transport, not even free food, no accomodation, not even in catastrophic times. Just money that counts.
Profit over people in its most extreme forms.

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