nothing unusual

Nothing particularly exciting happened the last days. I watched some films, e.g. Conspiracy, Delicatessen , Battle of Algiers, which was even shown at the Pentagon film festival to educate senior officials about the Insurgent war in Iraq, and some other DVDs. Got the Indymedia G8 Newsreel, but the DVD was faulty, could only watch the reports about Friday, Saturday and Sunday, rest did not work.
I also tried out the sewing machine, at first everything went fine till I decided to try out the button hole function, which resulted in major knots of thread inside the sewing machine, with me spending the rest of the day to take it apart, try to remove the knot and then put it all together again.
Am thinking about going maybe to the Sheffield Doc Film Festival – it is way better than the Leipzig one, usually, though Leipzig even has a special section and focus on political documentary films.
There will also be an Indymedia Network meeting in Sheffield soon.
We have got a little Indymedia Centre now in the basement of the Forest Cafe, but still needs to be worked on. Though we finally have the ADSL connected to a computer, we really would need to build up a network of computers to access the internet.


Comment by Danl Diedericks on 2006-07-20 03:12:32 +0100

Your site is on top of my favourites – Great work I like it.

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