G8 film premiere on first weekend in October

Heard today that the premiere of the G8 documentary video will most likely be on the first weekend in October.
As far as i know it will be the only film apart from the Indymedia European News Real special G8 edition, as most of the activists and campaigns refused to work and discuss in front of or with any mainstream journalists or filmmakers because of the unfair, crazy and excillerating media hype before the G8.

I am sure it will be a good film, though probably more talk than would be in an indymedia production, and the people who make it are all really fanastically nice and deserve a huge success and praise even if it would not fulfill expectations.
But I am sure it will be great and can hardly wait for it to be released.

On a different note: the new programme for the September/October screenings at the Edinburgh Filmhouse looks decent at last, there are more political screenings on than before, and I look forward to the Sergej Eisenstein and Peter Watkins season, as well as there are some Luis Bunuel and Jean-Luc Godard on offer.
Also politically interesting sounds “Guerilla: The taking of Patty Hearst” and one of a good German film “The State I Am in” . I do think German films are best if they are about lefty political issues with a slight documentary inspired touch-down garnished with a reflection and search in the depth of thoughts leading to a slight sadness of tragedy and worries.
(Aeh I dunno expect you to understand this brabbling bubbling nonsense as got a bit carried away!)
What happended actually to “We Demand Media”?
It was ages since I saw the last blog entry, their website and the archive seems to be down, and I always quite enjoyed their collection of short political videos.

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