Shit happens!

I have got a dog at the moment as long as a friend of mine is on holidays. it is a lovely dog, and very intelligent and a very exciting dog. It seemed to be a bit unhappy about its owners leaving him, and promptly made its diarrhea on the carpet… guess shit happens.

Otherwise I have been cycling – with the dog running beside me – to town and back to help staff the stall – which is more entertainment than real work – for the Chiapas Group at the Art and Crafts Fair.

Otherwise not much seems to happen. We will have more defendants on the G8 court cases coming up to Scotland in the next months, but the few individuals who had their cases originally dated for this week and the next seem to have mostly their cases adjourned – for various reasons, but I presume because of difficulties in establishing (video) evidence and thereby charges by the prosecution.

I like Ana’s compliments in one of her latest blog entries and would like to thank you/her and return the compliment by saying I am particular interested in her studies and the radio show and also incredibly impressed that she is able to have every blog entry in Spanish AND in English.
I think so far I have only ever done one in German, so for me it is very impressive by doing all the work twice.

O well, just to mention that there would have been a Dissent! network gathering in South Wales this weekend on a farm to evaluate and analyse the protests against the G8 in Scotland.
A pity I could not go, but it has been a lot of fun with the dog so far, I get woken up every day at 7 am and can not go to bed before 2 pm otherwise I think my carpet might be loaded with another pile of shit… I put some newspaper down and tried some carpet cleaner stain remover soapy thingy and its an old carpet, but anyways. Maybe the dog has got worms?
If it has still got diarrhea tomorrow I will go to the vet and get some worming tablets and flea treatment, as there is a conjunction between the both, it should be done nearly simultaneously.

Politically there is not much happening at the moment. We are back to the usual 10 anarchists in town and most of them might even be in holidays -remember in Scotland it apparently rains 312 days in a year.
(At least that is what the whiskey advertising campaign says.)
But it certainly rains a lot.
Guess we have been quite lucky then with the weather during the protests.

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