G8 aftermath: car broken, jobinterview, bus strike, prisoner support

The broken car has been broken into. It has been outside for nearly half a year now, but with the G8 protests and everything, there just wasn’t enough time to deal with it.
As well there are always spare time mechanics promising to do stuff- and then don’t.
Lack of money also contributed to the delay, as did lack of drivers.
It broke down after a dog chewed the seatbelts of and jumped in front during driving on the drivers seat, the motor overheated as driver got distracted, and apparently boiled over a bit (both the driver and the engine). The dog wasn’t particularly well educated and the owner did not care – or better said does believe so much in anti-authoritarian principles that the dog actually has no training.

What a pity. Dogs have a different socialisation than humans, they have a tight structure. So, if you are not the alpha dog (in their eyes) giving the commands, you are the beta or even worse and lower down in the hierarchy. This is particularly dangerous if you have a Staffordshire Terrier or any other breed prone to fighting.

In Edinburgh, there is a bus strike. We had to walk all the way back home from the city centre on the weekend because there were no buses at all. We were returning from visiting relatives and did not know. It took us over an hour to walk home.
The bus strike also prevented me from making it in time to a job interview. As a contributing and not the only factor.

There are two G8 prisoners left, and one will be out today or tomorrow at the latest. The court cases start this week, too, distributed all over Scotland. Hopefully there won’t be any more people locked up for G8 stuff.

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