Censorship on Community Radio

Well, not much to say actually apart from the headline. I am foaming, but still biting my tongue and not yet break the story, maybe it can still all be sorted out with some good will and also it is much better now after having had a rest than the previous days.
Thank god, that there are courageous, brave community radio stations also out there who want to make the world a better place, community radio stations which also report about human rights abuses in the USA and the gas protests and uprising in Bolivia, community radio stations which report about Linux and the flaws of Microsoft.

Anyways, what I particularly disgust is not only the superficiality of the “entertainment” programs, but also the “comedy” programs in which humour is defined as personal, discriminative, patriarchal abuse and bullying.
And I react pretty badly to news about human and civil rights getting taken the piss by these disgusting characters.
It is even worse to know, that as soon as they are of the microphone, they are basically approachable and sensible, but in front of the micros, they are bullies without ends.

Anyways, after having a deja-vu from last years broadcast in July, I basically refused to leave without having finished my news programme, and had a bit of a go at these people.
Now it seems the radio station does not want any more international news, nor any news from a different angle than the usual mainstream media “New Speak”.

What I find even more upsetting, is that another Indymedia volunteer had his show pulled, too, but because of a different reason and he always puts so much work into it, pre-records all his pieces, puts music under the pieces and makes them entertaining. He organised a course for newcomers and lives and breathes radio.
I find it especially unfair because he puts so much work in it, and his show on Friday was on a total different topic, and he had invited about 5 guests in the studio.
His pieces are also quite factual, so really can not understand, that as soon as a complaint is received they next show is pulled, even though it might have nothing to do with it.
Odd policy they have here.

Since I first arrived here, I always wanted to continue doing community radio, like at home. Slight problem is the accent of English not being my mothertongue, and this is a bit of a difficulty apparently.
I just want to do the same stuff like I did at home, and even am not bothered of being on air, if the time could be used to the best benefit for the people. Another problem is that there is nobody to consult, at my favourite radio station from home (1), there is always somebody who earned the respect to ask and follow their opinion.
I am wondering if it is worth to put the energies into an unpolitical project and try to convince them to respect us as Indymedia Radio and our content, or if it would be better to build up our own alternative?
Anybody having any answers to that problem? Exchange of experiences would be appreciated…

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