Radical Bookfair

This weekend the Radical Bookfair is on in Edinburgh, organised by Word Power.
It was quite good yesterday whe I went to the opening event, quite a lot ofpeople were there, and even our campaign stall has been set up beautifully, and it also seemed like the shifts were all sorted out, too.

This really left me buffled- most of time, it seems nothing I would want to see personally works out except if done by myself, but this time – WOW- what a pleasant surprise! Anarchism does work !!!, yes, indeed it does, sometimes, with everybody contributing and caring, then it is unbeatable and such a brilliant entusiastic, happy and friendly movement, sometimes. Of course the opposite can happen, too, as in nobody seems to care nor contribute, but hey! this weekend I am definitely on the up! Hopefully this experience and entusiasm carries on till after the G8, though, aeh, as usual i have some pessimistic doubts about it.

Also read jebbas blog entry about the DADA IMC destructor, and Anas blog on the privatisation of the Benefit Agencies and Job Centres in London. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to save my thoughts about it, as it timed out and it all went into the black hole of cyberspace, but of course, both entries are very recommendable to read! I do enjoy the indymedia bloggers syndication site quite a lot, good to read up what different Indymedia folks are concerned with in their daily life, and what happens in different parts of the world.

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