Indymedia Scotland works again – but to what extend?

Indymedia Scotland finally works again, surprisingly after another upgrade. There are still some difficulties with the media gallery and there is a lot of code flyig around admins when using the site. Obviously not visible to ordinary users, I hope.

I drowned my keyboard twice in tea last weekend.

The Indymedia UK subsection for Scotland also works fine, but slowly as usual. Indymedia Birmingham has now launched, too, and Indymedia Nottingham is preparing for its start, too.
I hope people involved in these two new collectives are as nice and practically constructive as the people from other collectives.

As here, I was persuaded to go to a gig featuring Rory Mcleod, who is quite a political folk singer, and it was quite good fun.

Also SchNews was on tour here with “Have I got SchNews for you”, a satire version of the popular television quiz “Have I got news for you”. Anyways, the original bores me, so the satire was much better, but still I don’t really like the format, though there were a lot of videos, pictures, and sounds involved.

The pub quiz with the Trapese Roadshow was quite good fun, though, and we came third, though originally we were second after the knowledge quiz about the G8, but our proposal for the slogan which was originally “Make property history” to display on the Ochill Hills during the G8 meeting was accidently modified to “He has gone to the toilet”, which of course, couldn’t win, and ended up with me giggling for about half an hour.
Also we missed out on winning the G8 Bingo – the first time I have played Bingo in my life, this put us in the third place -from about eight groups.
Our name “The encircled A-Team” was also accidently modified into “The insurgence A team”, not too bad of a name, either.

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