hectic times

It’s getting hectic here. The weekend will be full on, with Mayday Carnival, the Camcorder G8 video premiere, the radio debate, the Beltane fire and performances, the official mayday march, the Indymedia lecture at University, and a conference with entertainment. Alongside this a family member is visiting, so are some friends.

Finding accomodation for G8 protesters is still an important issue, as Edinburgh Council continues to ignore the problem of maybe some hundred thousand skint protesters in the city – Make Poverty History at least says they would expect as much, but we here are a bit doubtfull – the biggest demonstration Scotland has seen in a long time was the anti-war demo in Glasgow with 80 000.
Managed to find quickly some accomodation for a Youth Group though, so that is a relief.

And, was told, that a reporter claiming to be from THE SUN has phoned the landlady of a female protester, making false and ridiculous accusations of the tenant “being a political terrorist”, to basically make her homeless. Other protesters found themselves pictured in The Times alongside with their full name and workplace or profession, assumingly with the intention to get them fired and their reputation slated.
Anybody wondering now why anarchists here hate the mainstream media?

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