3 piglets go astray

Oooops, long time, no blog. Quite a lot happening. Equador’s president has fallen, the new pope is not only from my homecountry and quite dispised there amongst liberal and tolerant thinking people, but was also member of the Hitler Youth, and has put huge hurdles and repressive processes on pregnant women seeking abortion.
The mainstream media here is building up an anti-G8 and anti-anarchist hysteria, which now leads to McDonalds and Shell petrol stations being closed down for the week of protests. (Not that anybody would greatly mind these corporations closing for some time, but a big deal is made out of that – guess G8 topic article sell better even without or hardly any news content. )
There seem to be G8 related articles – even if it is just commentaries – in the newspaper daily, creating quite a big wave of excitement on one hand, but on the other constantly inciting conflict. Nearly every working group of Dissent has now had its own slating in its own article.
Personally I have been running around quite a bit this week, with again the side effect that if asked I can’t really remember what I was doing, just that I was extremely busy running around. Is this already the headless chicken syndrome?
I got into a slagging match with Kirsten Anderberg this week, on the topic of her new story about her vulva museum being hidden on Indymedia UK.
She was quite angry and aggressive in her emails, and was wondering if I would have developped similarily if i hadn’t got involved in Indymedia Scotland – as I was quite and extremely critical of Indymedia before I actually got involved also having had a quite angry & grumpy style because of feeling powerless and dependent when demanding accountability for editorial decisions on Indymedia. Actually I was quite a troll at some time! Wondering, I would hope to have found the way to Indymedia then differently and I would have got involved and worked within Indymedia constructively and with a practical focus, but actually am now a bit doubtfull it would have happened that way, probably depending as usual on the personal situation – the location and personal contact with Indy folks rather than email list communication.
And the office of the Association to develop Alternative Media was raided yesterday, because of a drawing of 3 piglets instead of the 3 lions, thereby modifying some official logo.
I would want to translate so many articles, such as the press release and the Equador news into english, but have no time nor motivation for it – and even no immediate outlet for the news- Indymedia Scotland has still got its website incompatibilities after the system upgrade with the server, and Indy UK’s server has also been scratching along the verge of its existance.

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