burnt out

Today I discovered I accidentally burnt out and down my flowerpot. It has now big melted holes and the earth is all black.

When I came back yesterday after the radio training I thought the cogigis (constantly giggling girls) from nextdoor would have played a prank, because it was smelling as quite some barbecue, but did not imagine it would be my own flowerpot reacting badly to smoking.

Always assumed that flowerpots would be pretty imune to being burnt out and that earth would not burn either. Luckily enough I only smoke outside and can really be happy now, that i stuck to do that.

The radio training was excellent, there will be another class at the Forest on 21st of april, 5.30pm.
It was quite interesting also that other radio stations have different priorities in production of items. My favourite radio station is all very keen to have a quick, daily and/or contemporary but thoroughly and relevant researched provision of news items, not longer than about 5min without music or similar and to edit it quickly and efficiently so it can be broadcasted preferably the same day as produced. The sound quality should be as good as possible but the main focus is on the content.
Whereas in the training yesterday there was lots more focus on the style, actually creating little pieces of art and to do storytelling rather than news production. With longer pieces, more focus on narrative, keeping the tension, creating and focussing on ambient sound and similar.
Interesting, but it took a while till me and the trainer actually understood each other in the different approaches and aims towards producing an audio piece.

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