Festival of Dissent and G8 worries

This weekend the Festival of Dissent takes place at the westcoast of Scotland in the countryside. Unfortunately I missed the minibus yesterday and also it is wet and cold here and I have had a bit too much of G8 protest stuff in the past, so would be actually really really keen to have a break.
After mayday last year in Dublin, it becomes quite clear that a big mobilisation does take out a lot of work on the local activists, and at the moment am a bit disillusioned with everything.

Still I look forward to Edinburgh and Scotland buzzying with activists from all over the world, and for the first time after the famous punk picnics in the 90ies for lefties to be the dominant picture in the Scottish capital, which will it hopefully transform into a much nicer, open, social and happy carneval place.

It will be good fun.

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