last weeks

The last weeks- since the last entry – passed like a fly. Not much time to do anything, really, just today it seems like the first day to relax. It is Easter Monday today, the clock has now been forwarded to British Summer Time and it is rainy as ever.
I had lots of visitors the last weeks, which is and was fun, but I did not really get to do my “homework” or “housework” as such. Noam Chomsky was in Edinburgh on Tuesday, but I could not make it, am still editing on the video. I released now the first alpha version and screen it to people to get some more proposals and creativity on how to make it better, and after a pile of suggestions will try to do some more work on it.

We have also been out “hillwalking against the G8” which meant that 2 policevans were waiting for us to follow us over the hills. However, we never got to Gleneagles or nearer surroundings as we never really left the pub situated in the middle of the walk. However, we visited some historical and pagan monuments, and as soon as we left the road got into some muddy fields trying to swallow us up.
However, it was good fun, it was sunny, and I even got a bit of a sun burn.

Then, a friend of mine organised an Indymedia radio slot, so hopefully Indymedia Scotland will make it on the airwaves sooner or later.

The political film nights slowly gain momentum and audience; after hardly anybody going to the film nights, the last video about Noam Chomsky attracted maybe about 10, 15 people.
Now, it seems more people would like to get involved organising the screenings, and to combine these with workshops and discussions.
I am a bit skeptical if Tuesday evenings are a good time for attracting more people as it is usually one of the best TV nights here in Britain.

I also finally got approval for my first ever put in funding request for documentary film screenings, and hopefully can start a little bit here locally on screening documentaries.

Apart from that, I got also given a broken down car, which needs to be repaired.

This all sounds very dry and does not in any way reflect the hectic and exciting times over the last weeks.

I also found a really good video rental. It is situated at the other end of town, but has some classic and historical acclaimed films, unfortunately not many documentaries.


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