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Fabian, a friend of mine, came up with the idea of republishing a particular book. At the moment I am reading it, after we had some problems finding a copy of the 1848 published book about the life of a working man, living near Edinburgh. Actually it is quite an interesting account, though it hasn’t got much to do with anarchism as such; the poverty people suffered under then was quite terrible. I am trying to have some idea for making the book more attractive; such as finding some illustrations, such as maps of the area, finding out about the reform bill passed in 1832 and a picture or drawing of the uniform of the regiment he served in.
I would also like to do a little CV of the author, write a summary for the back page and a review about the book, too.
Also it would be good to visit some of the places the author is talking about in his book and get some pictures of it to maybe be put on the front cover, which as such is only red linen.

The radical bookshop Word Power in Edinburgh has also started now its own publishing, as does AKPress, but it might not be ready before the whole G8 Circus starts up here, and we would like to publish it before as an educational tool.

Unfortunately I am a little bit sick at the moment, not being able to make it to the Zapatista fundraiser tonight, which I was looking forward to.

The film screening yesterday in The Forest was another non-success. It wasn’t exactly a failure, but I was unable to connect the borrowed laptop to the LCD projector, the DVD I put in as replacement with the film “Surplus”, started to hang in the last 15 Minutes unrecoverable and the other film I screened: “Black and Gold – Latin King and Queen Nation” was good, but at that time most of the audience was already gone, but got 2 requests to make copies of it.

The new Variant is out, an arty & political newspaper from Glasgow. Somebody put in a brilliant Indymedia Scotland advert, which I like very much, thanks to whoever did it.


Comment by anita on 2009-03-11 08:26:42 +0100

hi was just wondering if i could know the name of the book that you plan on re-publishing? as am trying to find a list of books of which publication has ceased? would be of great help?

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