Dissent network meeting in Glasgow

Last weekend saw the Dissent gathering happening in Glasgow. The media even brought an article about the gathering, see The Scotsman
Though some people thought that the media coverage of Dissent could be improved, the article as such does not really seem to be that hostile. It is quite funny though how the journalists at once assume there is something hidden from them just because the venue changed- obviously they probably can’t imagine that we are that disorganised to not know where to meet in a days or 2 time.

As such the Dissent! gathering was actually quite good; no big confrontations as expected, no physical confrontations between hostile cliques, groups or attitudes as it was feared by some, and quite constructive discussions, though important issues were hardly mentioned nor – of course- resolved. Also good to meet up to get again some positive experiences with some people with whom relationships were troubled with difficulties in the last months.

In total it seemed most people got back form the gathering more inspired and enthusiastic than before, and that is something.

I wanted to disappear in the kitchen actually for the gathering but most food was already prepared, so hung around in the meeting for quite a while. The soup on Sunday seemed to have an anaerobic experience because it smelled a bit like vomit. I did not taste it, though my friend told me it actually had a vomit aftertaste. Though despite any different suggestion no mass food poisoning could be observed during the next hours of meeting.

A lot of work seemed to have gone into the food preperation though, because a big amount of pasta, frozen stewed apple, lentil paste, salad and potato mash appreared, which was all excellent.

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