G8 mobilisation

I am getting pretty annoyed with the Dissent! network. nearly every email on the list makes me incredibly angry. It is distracting also a lot from what we should actually do locally, and even more, what would be satisfying, positive and encouraging. I do feel there is too much manipulation going on in the network, without the groundwork being done.
It’s really not fun anymore.

I visited the Edinburgh Cats and Dogs Home today, as I am considering getting a dog. There are some lovely dogs there, and even a litter of puppies to give away. But puppies take probably a lot more time, so am considering to either get one of the retired greyhounds or either the Labrador cross or the spaniel. But both the Labrador cross and the spaniel seem already be held back for some interested potential owners.

Also visited some properties together with others as ACE, the Edinburgh Infoshop is considering moving. Unfortunately, one property has the floorboards missing and is very dark and in a bad state, whereas the other one doesn’t seem to have any toilet nor running water and is full of furniture. Very beautiful furniture indeed, but am wondering where the salesman would store the furniture otherwise.
The smaller shop could be done up for us, but that would probably increase the rent price, or maybe we could do something and keep the rent price lower. However, the floorboards are pretty much missing.

We are still trying to look for a convergence centre, but it seems because of the mainstream media coverage, everybody seems already scared and unhelpful.

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