The tongue of the butterfly

Also have watched “The tongue of the butterfly”, a wonderfull film about the start of the Spanish civil war. Anyway have cried a lot, because it was about this “anarchist” family, but the mother was quite conservative, always going to mass and so on, and they were in the part of Spain which became fascist early on, and the most hurtfull bit was when the Guardia Civil arrested the anarchists and communists, and the family, particularly the father and the sons cried insults at their former friends, teacher, musicians to save their own lives and to show distance from the ideology.

Also watched “Alba d’Oro”, and the boy acting in both the films is a fantastic actor, the only thing is that there is such a big gap in between the first love(s) and his death in the concentration camp, missing out the whole Spanish Civil War, basically, and it is so annyoing watching about 6 hours of film and missing out on such a vital gap. But at least it shows how unique every human being is, and what a waste war is.

“Exilio” is about the situation after the Spanish Civil War, when most republicans tried to flee Spain into other countries. It is actually quite sad to see that many were imprisoned in concentration camps in North Africa and France, that Britain took only on some thousands children and a few women, whereas Belgium and France took on a whole load more, but then they ended up in German concentration camps later.
Quite a lot managed to escape to Mexico, and apparantly that seemed to be the most lucky ones, as some escaping to Argentina were later on killed during the military dictatorship.

“The war of the memories” is about partisans in the Spanish mountains, who fought on even after the end of the Spanish Civil War, hoping for help from the allies which never came.

These are such great films, and I got them ages ago from somebody involved in ACE. I haven’t had time yet to watch them, but these films are of such depth, romance and love to people, but still very realistic, they are unmissable and some of the best films ever seen. Some films give so much to the viewers, that you wondered how you ever lived without seeing these films before.

I have some footage from last weekends women’s event. Unfortunately it is not much, but we did some interviews yesterday, and hopefully the other women stay involved. Untill next time, I tried to inspire the women to look out for some instrumental music to be used under the interviews and actions as a soundbridge. Also put out a call for further pictures and posters and footage, let’s see what is getting out of it, The deadline is 8th of march, international women’s day, when it should be screened at the Forest Cafe.

Am quite exhausted today.

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