Womyn Vs. G8

Have been to the launch gathering of “Womyn vs. the G8”. It was brilliant. I love women gatherings. Not too many of them, but every now and then. They are just so lovely fluffy. And everybody takes care of things and helps out. Such there is always tea and coffee and food.
Yesterday it was chilli and I also brought 2 cakes, leaving my kitchen in an extremely messy state. The oven does not seem to work properly, as the lemon cake was in for 3 hours instead of half an hour and the cheese-/meringue cake for 4 hours instead of 1. This oven is really horribly unreliable. It was skipped, and I wish I could have skipped one with a better reliability.

I was a bit late, as the railways have been partly blocked. Some women were painting a banner and today there should have been some banner drops at the city walk. Workshops included “Why to protest against the G8”, “Tactical Frivolity”, “Trident Ploughshares”, Legal”, “Medical”, “Media” (me), “Womens Health”, an introduction and a plenary, and some others I had been too late for. The “Trident Ploughshares” workshop was quite a bit of fun, and I laughed my head off. Anyway there was quite a bit discussion about “violence and nonviolence” which is perceived very dodgy by some parts of the movement, so I had difficulties taking it seriously, e,g, in the “discuss with the cops the illegality of nuclear weapons” roleplay. In the evening we had a social and some women played a concert, but I already left by then to get back to get another delaying train back to Edinburgh.

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