Video projects and other new troubles

The dogsitting was great last week, basically was running around for hours in the countryside and the city having much fun. Slight problem that the dog doesn’t listen to any orders, and likes to attack other dogs sometimes as well. When I let it of the lead, it was just running away and I thought I’ll never see it again. Luckily it came back after about 20 min, but could not get the lead back on him either untill I caught him in a door entry of somebody’s house. But the lack of education was apparntly longterm, as the dog was just some months at the friend, and taken out of the Cats and Dogs Home.

So after returning the dog back to its owner on Thursday, and after getting back from the short trip, I learned that it had a severe traffic accident and nearly died, as it was off the lead and run on the main road.
Luckily it has recovered now, and is said to be back home later today.

Some Indian nationalists are threatening the film festival in Ramparts in London. It is planned to show a film about the massacre in Gujarat, which raised quite a bit of controversy, with the BJP threatening to disrupt the screening. [Forum].

I have several new video projects, wanting to do a video about hillwalking, one about cats and politics, and one for our Social Action Research Project about our local areas and difficulties with employment and similar.

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