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Just finished reading Stuart Christie’s “Granny made me an anarchist”.
This is the first time in ages I managed to finish reading a book.
I bought the book after Stuart Christie was up here for presenting his book for Word Power.
It is quite interesting to read his account of the sixties and seventies here in Britain and the anarchists, autonomists and even trotzkyists behaving in these times.

Actually this book is quite interesting for people who like reading autobiographies. Of course, in autobiographies, the protagonist is always portrayed in a positive light, sometimes maybe even too positive.
However, I do like the account of Stuart Christie that he hardly ever meet bad people even in prison. I do think this is quite important in the way, that nobody can ever be purely bad or purely evil, and nobody can ever be purely good.

We can only all be humane.

We even can not be perfect.

On Saturday 23rd I was most likely the last one to recognize:
“The momentum of the G8 protests is over.”

After the G8 we were busy tidying up spaces and places, then the prisoner support and so on, and now we are having a physical indymedia centre in the Forest Arts and Events Space.

A spam bot has been attacking Indymedia Scotland.
30 pages of comments were posted including “viagra” in several spelling variations and betting advertising.

I am not sure why this blog has so many error messages.
Indymedia Scotland CMS also gives many error messages.

I really like the Indyblogs though because of so much insignificant stuff being posted – especially by Wildhunt and Funferal and Allanx and others who take up so much space, I have gone of it a bit.
I really like Ana’s contributions and I like reading jebbas stuff and seeing pictures and jacobito travel reports in Chiapas were really good to read.

Oh, maybe i could state in that context that i personally am more interested about people’s thoughts, and political projects and events in their cities and how indymedia works there and how they live then about abstract or theoretical things.
Could you blog about this maybe sometimes?

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