last year -new year

This blog has been updated, resulting in a whole load of error messages, and links partly not working. Though it has now a nice wysiwyg editor.

The nobordercamps are dead now, via Radio Z and political magazines it got announced that the organisers closed down their mobilisation and organising structure and distributed the rest of the funds. Reason was apparantly not the repression at the last noborder camp in Cologne, but also the lack of the movement to work together, resulting in a split of the noborder camp in an antirepression camp, a gender camp, a refugee solidarity camp, but also another reason given is the lack of response to the mainstream politics via the noborder camps.

Am still a bit shaken with this whole LARC and Dissent! thing. As far as I can see, there is a situation worse than Dublin here, so we should state that openly and close down the local organisation and international mobilisation about the G8 summit, and realise that we just can’t do it under these conditions.

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