New rumour: LARC to expell refugee(s)?

Have been in London last Thursday, and heard that the newest rumour is, that manipulation, mobbing and backstabbing is now extended against the refugee(s), previously meeting in LARC, the London Action Resource Centre, as The Refugee Forum The Voice.
This really needs to stop, somebody – but who? – should put a stop to these expulsion based on exagerated prejudices and manipulations, backstabbing and rumours and agreements rising before the meetings. It is disgusting.

I have decided to translate the magazine: “Power Writers – Discovering and Celebrating Five African Writers who came to London in the Eighteenth Century” into German, and asked a friendly local left newspaper to publish the articles, which they seem happy to do. The magazine, originally published by the Tower Hamlets African Caribbean Mental Health Organisation, is mainly about the beginning of resistance to slavery, and about five writers, previously slaves, who wrote about their lives.
It has been edited, printed and published by one of my friends, who got expelled from LARC in an unfair, manipulative, backstabbing meeting and in a way of pre-arranged results.
On X-mas, I got a vegetarian cookery book and some pottery for oven dishes, and also am allowed to longterm borrow the “Foreign Film Guide”, edition 1992, so to extend my research on films suitable for screenings.

There are several film festivals coming up as advertised on Indymedia UK. There is at the moment an Indian Film Festival at Ramparts. Much more interesting look The Frontline Screenings, with lots of activist films not seen before but sounding interesting.

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