Something positive about my community

Today I got a letter from our community activist group. Very happy to see that next year, a lot of courses and groups will be offered; such as “campaigning skills” and “Social Research” and even an “anti-G8 summit” course. The campaigning skills will be of practical use, such as getting the activists of tenants groups to paint banners, make leaflets, videos and similar.
I am extremely happy about the “anti-G8 summit” course, it is going to be independent of either Dissent! nor G8 Alternatives nor any other group.
At the moments I am sick of both mobilisation groups, maybe it is the time of year, to be apathetic, grumpy and pissed off with everything.

It is horribly dark here, sun seems to rise at 9am and sink between 3 and 4 pm, apart from that, there is no snow here, unlike in Germany, when it gets winter the snow starts falling, softening and lightening up the darkness and coldness of the pre-Christmas times. Here, a lot of people start to have coloured lights outside their houses, I don’t like it, it looks too commercial and artificial. Though they probably just want to make the environment look more happy and bright.

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