Have just finished another book by Kurt Tucholsky, a famous pacifist. One of his most famous quotes: “All soldiers are murders” got an antimilitarist in Germany into court, as the government considered it to be slander. Anyway, the governement lost, but that does not hinder the German government to stop being keen to be involved in wars. But thanks to the constitution, there are a lot of hurdles, so it will take at least a decade till German soldiers are involved in militarist, especially fighting actions around the world (where they clearly should stay at home!)
Anyway Kurt Tucholsky killed himself in 1935, and many of his writings are famous,but neglected, so when the Tucholsky book was bought in October, the bookshop owner told this is the first Tucholsky book in the year 2004 to be sold. And unfortunately it wasn’t a critical book, it was a superficial love novel: “Schloss Gripsholm”, because I asked somebody else to get me a book by Tucholsky, and so unfortunately none of his political texts arrived here in Scotland.
Now I have started with a book about the famous squat in Hambourg Hafenstrasse, written by a pensioner, formerly a school teacher, being curious about the squat and the people living in there.

Apart from that, I am listening to the 2 bands being hot at the moment in the German left, “Karamelo Santo” and “Panteon Rococo”, from Argentina and Mexico, mixing Punk with Ska, Salsa and South American traditional rhythms.
Really undescriptive music, but good fun.

I haven’t been out volunteering for ages, as I should do. My boss is going a bit on my nerves with his constant “we need money” repetition, and the work I expect is boring, too. I am not very interested in some historical celebrations, I want to do something practical and usefull and not only write letters begging for grants to big Banks and Shell and stuff, which makes me wonder if charities are any ethical or moral solution remotely free of the forces of capitalism.
Not that it is that bad, because everybody is nice, and I seriously wonder when the first self-help group “victims of Anarchobabe’s blog” appear, because of me writing mainly when I am pissed off and down and complaining, too rarely writing funny stuff, e.g. when I am in a good mood or drunk.

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