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My community is consulting about re-structuring local self-organisation. There are 3 choices: either community councils, neighbourhood groups or no structures. I am unsure which structural option would be the best for the local community, but it seems that, whatever, the momentarily exsisting structures will be abolished; all three models don’t have a local councillor anymore and the “quengo” which distributed money, funds and grants will be apparantly abolished, too.
On the other hand our local community is in various parts, and each part seems to be divided of the other by high fences or walls. The kids go to seperate schools, and the posher parts keep themselves together, as well as do the poorer parts, there is not much interaction.
The local council houses are in debates to be privatised into housing associations, whatever decision, the circumstances for the people renting the spaces will worsen.
And our neighbour seems to be a junkie. We had a bit of a discussion how far this might become a problem in future, but with no result so far.

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