An ordinary life is boring and not for me. Just can’t let go of anti-capitalist politics. There just seems to be no dignified alternative to opposing capitalism. Even though the main problems, on how bad humans treat each other most of the time,is not just rooted in capitalism. Maybe capitalism often provides the obvious reasons and excuses given, but the might have anybody ever thought that the reasons and excuses given could not *just* be capitalist decisions?

For example, the exclusion of the 2 fellow activists out of the political space in London has as just nothing to do with capitalism. Nevertheless people have been behaving horrible towards them.

Or at the moment I am reading “The Motorcycle Diaries”, written by Che Guevera, traveling as a 23 year old through Latin America, with a friend and no money. And the main thing is, that when they are looking every night for somewhere to sleep and something to eat; it is not depended on whether people can afford to put them up; it is just dependent on the individuals asked, and how nice they are.

Anyway, therefore it could be doubtful, if a society which is per se not based on money could be working out structurally sufficient enough if it is based just on goodwill of everybody and of the community.

Somehow I can understand now how George Orwell could write cynical novels about revolution and society.

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