accounting and SkyTV

Today was more or less a lazy day. My computer has been taken apart the rest of last week, and is slowly getting together again. When it is finished then hopefully there will be enough harddisk space to start editing videos.
Asking around because of the Sky TV offer, some people in the video have blocked the sale of footage, which is totally understandable. As well as there is a big danger that they’d make something totally hostile to grassroot activism out of it, even though the guy was once working at undercurrents. The main argument though was (slightly or more or less exaggerated), that Rupert Murdoch is so hostile to workers organisation in trade unions, that we can’t expect SkyTV to make a sympathetic film about us!

Anyway, on a amusing note, it makes me happy to know that my first editing exercise and filming experience had such an impact. Especially as the camera failed after 10 minutes in the rain, and the other footage appears slightly seasick. And I had to leave the editing studio really quickly but wanted to have the whole music clip filled with footage, so senselessly stuffing antiwar protest footage in, to make it all a slight chaos, but at least a passionate chaos!

Today I also had to finish doing the accounts and hand them in, and I was very pleased to hear from the professional accountants, that they would be “spot on!”

On a quite odd note i also had a weird encounter with another fellow activist. I am not really sure what he meant, if his motive was “caring” or “intimidation” or just “getting attention” or ” delivering a warning” or “being frightened”. His basic request was that I should not do so much activism. With the given reasons sounding quite odd to me. And, which in itself I found quite funny, because I just have liked dropped nearly everything now anyway, which I told him some days ago, anyway. And some other non-pleasant, but imho quite odd stuff, he criticized, too.

Whatever. Maybe its part of the “mob anarchobabe season”, maybe it’s not. But I am not sure about the relevance of this incident. So I am not sure how to evaluate it.

As well as I am now getting more and more confused about the whole LARC-PGA-Dissent-London stuff. Maybe I am unfair to some individuals, too, but at the moment I just assume the worst, as I just want to be left alone by these people now anyway.

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