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Who would believe it? Have sold 2 pairs of self-knitted socks at the Forest! Anyway, if anybody feels a desperate need for self-knitted socks – I have a vast supply of them, thanks to my mum.

The whole fall-out with people in the political movement still draws it circles…have been told, that actually some people from the Dissent!G8 network wanted me out anyway, and they tried to persuade friends of mine to give us a kick. These included people staying in my house for gatherings and other visits, people who I have cleaned up a squat with for providing accommodation for the ESF thanks to their invitation, and people in whose house I have stayed, too, and people who I have brought myself in shit for at Dublin Mayday because of standing up for them in the Indymedia network. One of the people even accused me of being a police agent (in my absence of course), but I got his telephone number and address -how weird. I guess they haven’t ever read books and declarations of groups who actually really discovered undercover police agents. There is/will ne a new book out on the issue, which was presented at the Nuremberg bookfair, by Klaus Viehmann, who examined all cases known in the German left, including the famous cases of “camus” and the one who got people arrested in Bad Kleinen in 1994.
If anybody researches these cases, they would know it is nonsense to pose these allegations against people excluded from LARC or their friends, such as me. It is just part of a particular disgusting smear campaign.
Has the whole world gone mad because of the PGA?
Is it becoming a type of political mafia?
Either you are part of the family, and then you have to cover up for everything, or you are not, and then you are the enemy?
PGA-Europe clearly has a gang mentality, hopefully it is different in other parts of the PGA worldwide.
Whilst on a different note I got a call from SkyTV today (thanks to an activist in Glasgow, who passed on my number, oh shit!!!) to sell the footage of the G8 promo.

On a different level, the smears on the Dissent email list don’t stop, either.
I still just feel very much disappointed of the whole political movement.
I read up on “Incipito” due to the comment, and have to say, the magazine isn’t that bad as portrayed by me maybe. Whilst reading about the neonazis taking over parliaments, youth clubs, the streets and cities, particularly in East Germany, it reminds me of why I got involved in politics at first. The magazine also has a healthy discussions of groups statements against each other, in regards to drugs in political spaces, and why the sale of magazines in a political space has seized. I appreciate that groups and part of groups can put out statements criticising each other, without being perceived as threatening towards each other. Maybe it is the codex in Germany, that left wing groups won’t harm each other fundamentally, because of not wanting to give the neonazis nor the state any possibility to become any stronger.

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