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So, I am eagerly waiting for a report from the Newcastle meeting. Cutting off such a big part of one’s life isn’t that easy, but I have learned a lot, and my struggle against injustice will never seize, there are many outlets to improve the world, even if it is just joining Amnesty International, and at least I can say that the local crowd involved in the Autonomous Centre is usually pretty fantastic, trustworthy and reliable. One good thing about this crisis is, that you learn to know who you can rely on and who not. Surprise! Surprise! lots of women and local activists who know me, get back with supportive messages, and so do some Indymedia people from outside London. That is one major point to leave politics in total; Indymedia people in London were involved in that coup, too. That is absolutely the worst. I loved Indymedia, the project, the network, and by large the people.

The first anonymous public threat from PGA/Eyfa/Escanda supporters appears on the commentary function of this blog; but that is to be expected, because that is the way they work when they are criticised.
Similar things happened last year, when Escanda was under threat of loosing their lease from the landlord and they asked for support letters; one person wrote an email explaining his reasons for not writing one, and hey, activists were attacking his position so heavily and aggressively as if it would be his fault that the lease was in question!
Certainly,just because of the anonymous threat I can’t stop now, am too curious what will happen next if I continue….(evil grin)… and if people are really up for a fight of arguments, How low these activists will go in playing dirty, and if they would really dare to gamble of their position just before the G8 gathering and mobilisation next year, which will happen here locally.

Not that I am keen to fight, I prefer my peace. Anyway, will try to catch up with the huge pile of books I gathered over the years, still waiting to be read, as well as doing a general big cleaning, maybe even extend it to my friend’s flat and do some shopping, and might even cook a star meal with starters, main meal and dessert for him to return tonight. Yesterday i defroze the fridge, which some guests seemed to have switched off alongside with destroying a ring of my cooker. Not that it is such a big deal, as the cooker was skipped anyway and old, but they should have at least told me and not just done a runner. Maybe they felt kind of ashamed, as they are usually living in Escanda, too, and are big supporters of the PGA, and they just passed by on the same night as the expulsion took place in London, and it seemed they knew what was happening.

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