Anarchist Bookfair, MAG and other film festivals

Back now from traveling. Came back to London to enjoy this years Anarchist Bookfair. It was a bit chaotic as it was in the London University Union’s building, over 3 floors, and students and others mixed in. It was quite narrow, too, in between the stalls, and it was tricky sometimes having even a look at particular stalls as too many people squeezed in front of it. Also it was tricky to meet people, e.g. I met several people just in the last 10, 15 minutes who have been there the whole day, but who I had not met yet.
Actually the workshops I found a bit disappointing; in contrast to the German bookfair there wasn’t anything new to learn, but it was most mostly just discussions and “Anarchist party” building with group presentations desperate to attract new members. So something in the middle of both bookfairs might be actual ideal for me…

interesting was a discussion with the people of the Projectile film festival, on how to organise a film festival.
In Berlin the film festival Globale 05 is next, in the second week of January. Hopefully I could get access to new films and videos to be shown here in Britain, too.
One of the films seen in Berlin at the Media Activist Gathering I desperately want to get hold off is Latitude 36.

Now, I still have got a lot to sort out now that i am back from traveling.


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