FLOSS workshops in Glasgow at the CCA

This weekend I was basically busy running around in Glasgow; there were the FLOSS – Free Libre Open Source Software – audio-visual workshops at the CCA – Centre for Contemporary Art, in a new “agile project” to merge art with technology, particularly affordable software, which is mainly Free Libre Open Source Software.
It was organised by the main project Your Machines, and Paul from Indymedia Bristol was doing the Audio workshop with teaching Audacity, a sound editing tool. He is very good at teaching, his workshops are always very enjoyable and very practise orientated and he is keen to get involved in Adult Education as a teacher. I quite enjoyed multi-track editing I haven’t done it for ages and usually only speech-based whilst this time I enhanced the dramatic of the speech with sound.
I used the news announcement of the Indymedia server seizure for that. It is not quite finished, and unfortunately at home, my speakers aren’t working due to the latest Mandrake OS making a bit of a mess.
On Sunday, there was the film and video making workshop with activists from plugin cinema and also from Indymedia Bristol. They were trying to teach us the use of Cinelerra and VirtualDub for Windows and Avidemux for GNU/Linux. we also got shown Dynebolic, the multimedia studio bootable CD, and recommended and introduced to Project Mayo an Open DivX codec and the importance of Xvid codec.
Unfortunately, the laptops did not have enough memory for DIY a quick short film, so it was more theoretical and brain-frying, but quite good for me to get an introduction to new programmes.
Anyway, maybe I should not say it, but the laughter of the woman was a bit distracting as in fingernails moving over chalkboard….

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