Stuart Christie book launch: Granny made me an anarchist!

On Tuesday, Stuart Christie launched his book: “Granny made me an anarchist” in Edinburgh, facilitated by Word power, Edinburgh’s radical book shop.
it was quite interesting; Stuart Christie was trying to assassinate General Franco and arrested in association with “The Angry Brigade”.
The book seems to be quite worth reading, but anyway, his definition of Anarchism is very impressive, though of a different sort than nowadays common, somehow, can’t explain it, maybe more serious in a way, more “full time”, if that is an explanation.
Maybe going to prison makes you like that, like being more serious and more determined. Anyway, he is still very nice and friendly and good-humoured.
More about the book see Mike’s blog – 1820 [dot] communism.
More information also in this Guardian article and this excerpt from the book.

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