Death of a Baby

Today, whilst volunteering, a man ran into the cafe I was in for lunch with a bundle. It was a baby and it had stopped breathing. It was already blue and his eyes were bloodshot red. It wasn’t that old, it did not even have teeth yet, and was quite small. We tried to revive that little girl, but we did not seem to have success. the ambulance took ages, the man (savior) nearly collapsed into a shock, too. He did CPR whilst luckily enough a nurse was in the cafe, too, she did mouth to mouth whilst i tried to find the pulse. The mother said she carried it along in a sling, and noticed that the baby did not respond anymore. I don’t know what happened. I think it was already dead for a while, but it was getting cold whilst we were trying to revive it.

The nurse was amazing, she did know how many CPR and mouth to mouth and what to look for. The man was great, too, without him, I think there would not have been made any attempt to revive the baby at all. I was quite wondering about the mum, who seemed to be quite disengaged with the whole effort we were putting in and with the baby, but maybe she was already in a kind of trance or shock or something.
The ambulance came and tried to revive it, but i think they weren’t able to either.
What a nightmare to happen.


On a different note my carpet tiles have finally arrived. We were quite worried that the internet company was a legitimate business, but it was good to get them in the end. They were quite cheap compared to normally. If you are madly keen to get carpet tiles then go to and in the present state they will make you a nice quote and send you the tiles as quick as possible.

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