Latest development: tenants meeting, on work and workshops, ESF and suing the FB

I am on some work experience now – for a charity with the prospect of a proper job, maybe; luckily it is only part-time so far, because it really is quite stressful having some work and a strain to anti-capitalist activities.
So far I could quite well keep up with it just by working quicker, more focused and spending less time on the Internet nor in front of the television.
but have agreed to host at least 4 workshops in the forthcoming weeks and really need to sort out events, publicity and similar.
However, it is now really annoying when I plan to stay in to wait for something like plumber/parcel delivery/electrician and they just don’t come at all, or at totally different times.
Indymedia Scotland is having too much downtime. Hopefully, it is not because of this anti-DADA database killing thingy going around, I tried to post an article about anti-rubbish dump actions, and it just seems to be impossible this evening. I tried on Indymedia Uk, too, but it also seems strained.
Have applied for a press card to sue the FBI or whoever took the Indymedia servers. Well, not sure if I am or – hopefully, some group is then suing on my behalf, or if it will be an Indy group activity. Well, I always wanted to sue the FBI- it is must-have point in the C.V. of activists.
So, there is so much to do – will try to get on with stuff. Still haven’t finished my write up of the ESF, and there is so much rubbish coming out now (or better said, a vivid discussion with the fans of the SWP is going on) that it would be appropriate just to post something.
Anyway, it is interesting to read on Jebba’s blog the top 30 of press freedom. Though in my experience UK is much better than Germany. But maybe because of the Indymedia UK server seizures they just fell down to place 30, after Trinidad and Tobago.
Anyway, there was a tenant group meeting today, I left after about 10 minutes because the invited policeman and his talk just sucked!

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