FBI seizes ahimsa harddisk

As if this day wasn’t boring enough, the FBI raided Ahimsa harddisks, and amongst others, stopped Indymedia UK from functioning for quite a while. At such moments I am so extremely happy that we now have our independent Indymedia Scotland site, which stays up and can be used in such emergencies; however, in such moments it seems everybody helps together to get another site up and functioning as soon as possible. In these repressive moments the solidarity between Indymedia volunteers could not be stronger, it is in such moments of emergency crisis that I love the Indymedia network most.
On a slightly different note, I might have a new job soon, somebody saw me during political organising and was so impressed he offered me a job in a charity organisation. I hope that will come true and will be as good as imagined, though not sure, depending as usually in such sectors on if funding for specific projects comes through or not.
Also I started reading again, which I am very happy about.

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