after Big Blether… before the ESF

Am still pretty exhausted from the Big Blether weekend, particularly as I had a fever, which is completely odd if you are camping and you are cold at the back, warm on the front and have a glowing hot head sticking out in the cold. Also, I got drunk, which helped me to sleep through in the slightly wet tent and supported the transport costs of the helpers with the marquee and geodome, as they were running a raffle beer bar, but added to a huge headache on the Sunday to run around with an ataxia similar to the BSE induced spongiform encephalitis. Camping was not fun, as it was raining nearly without a break, it was muddy wet and cold, luckily there were some beds available, though it was a bit tricky because people were supposed to pay 12 pounds a night. The workshops were great, the spontaneous ceilidh Saturday evening was good fun and the food prices were tremendously low, such as 30 p for a soup and 5 p for a toast. Totally contradictory to the last Big Blether where a soup was about 2 pounds and breakfast something like 3.50- though with egg and bacon (which probably already says a lot). Anyway, there are some pictures up on Indymedia Scotland.
The local community in Culdees really threw themselves into the organisation of the gathering and helped tremendously and were very friendly and welcoming.
Anyway, there has been a suggestion made to have the next Dissent! gathering camping again end of November in West Wales – guess I’ll give it a miss….

At this point, I would really like to slag of somebody who is always moaning, but whom I can’t see doing anything constructive, positive and empowering, it goes on my nerves and it is really not good for the movement, IMHO.
It is even worse to know that the person really wants the best for the movement, but with criticising everybody in a devaluating way it makes me nearly want to drop out of politics, too… luckily enough I am usually able to avoid this person very well.

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