PGA, funding and drill

Have looked around a bit for events on at the ESF and found a criticism of PGA, the Peoples Global Action.
Guess usually it would always browse by myself without any further notice, but there is one political alliance very relevant to here, the Dissent! network, which is based on the PGA hallmarks.
A lot of the criticism on the PGA seems to be made on the issue of funding and how money is distributed & used for and from which sources it comes, which is always a tricky topic.

Have borrowed out another drill from another neighbour., it is a little bit like taking part in a “Which” or “Stiftung Warentest” consumer protection and product quality research magazine.
This one is finally what I am looking for: the walls are melting like butter and have been able to fix two shelves this morning, But the cable is too short, which makes it unhandy.

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