Exciting days ahead

My neighbours are moving out, and giving a lot of stuff away. So far I got a mixer, a coffee machine, a colander, a tent, a stativ and a lamp. A futon is still held in reserve and it would be good for next years big event to have some more comfy guest facilities – though it might be discussable if futons are comfy.
Also I still try to get the holes into the wall, have borrowed out my neighbours drill which is battery powered and just doesn’t really work that well, it gets stuck in the holes instead of making them deeper or larger.
Anyway have made arrangements now to go to the ESF – the European Social Forum; will probably hang out most of the time in the Autonomous Spaces such as the convergence centre Ramparts, the Indymedia centre at Camden Hall including the European Forum on Communication Rights and the Beyond ESF space. The official esf program looks a bit lame to me, with some interesting workshops such as Noborder but most workshops seem to be theoretical only and include a speaker from some socialist party frontgroup and seem to quite be far away from anything practical and empowering, rather this seems to be the forum where there are experts speaking, which doesn’t interest me much. maybe the Community Media Association will run a radio there, this would be the only thing worth going to.

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