Big weekend activist gatherings are usually a market of involuntary exchange- have lost my address book but got a new Edinburgh A-Z map back, and a leather-bound drawing book with cartoons and “karikaturen” of people present at the meeting; got 10 ceramic bowls but the deck chair is missing; and found a badminton set but mislaid my drill, which is about 2 kg heavy and half a metre long, mislaying such a thing is certainly difficult and deemed impossible by me so far.
I am thinking about getting a dog if possible one which doesn’t bark much. But first, have to tidy up a little bit. Actually, all activist homes I know are messy, except one, guess if you are concerned with activism the need for tidying up is a particularly low priority compared with the state of the rest of the world.
The search for a new location for ACE – the Autonomous Centre is getting more difficult. The location most favoured by the majority of the collective has suddenly – after putting in an offer – changed the estate agents, who first doubled the asking price for the rent.
So let’s wait and see what is coming out of there, too.
I am thinking about starting a food kitchen – have made a list of things needed and prices to put in for funding. Unfortunately, the limit for funding and the list of things needed does not match. I will try nevertheless; am a bit sceptical, but who knows, maybe we might be lucky. Slight disadvantage – put it in too late to have stuff next weekend when it’s needed.

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