Britainwide Dissent! gathering

In nearly a week and a half we have got a relatively big meeting here, with about 60 or more folks coming from other places, and maybe a dozen or 2 locally. It seems like the organising group has collapsed during the summer, which doesn’t help at all, and feel quite stuck with trying to organise stuff so its at least pleasant for everybody. Now some people are getting back from holidays, hope that helps.

On the other hand am trapped in a stupid argument on the www-features list about Venezuela features proposal, which is really deteriorating the atmosphere on the list, which was actually quite good before the whole Venzuela thing came along. What pisses me off most is the whole state of the argument, it is not practically anymore about the feature proposal and the wording and the links, its just – especially one person trying to press his ideological opinion on everybody else. And its just piling the whole list full of messages. Hopefully there is a bit of venezuela-free zone till Sunday on the global features list.

Well there will be an IRC meeting next Sunday, so hope it is sorted out then.

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