political activism – is it really worth it?

This morning I woke up to the headline on global Indymedia that one of the authorities is making again trouble for Indymedia. So, that as such is not news, but it seemed it is a bit of a double trouble not only with the US secret service trying to stick their long nose into non existant (hopefully!!) log files, why the hell haven’t they just asked to get the stuff hidden? Well at least half a million or so protested yesterday in New York against Bush, which is at least a bit of a relief and hopefully annoying enough for the US administration of intimidation and human rights violation. Anyway another feature – posted only in Italian, though, talks about legal trouble for Indymedia in Italy.
Apart from that I am getting quite sick of the whole G8 stuff. I am wondering if to withdraw completely from the mobilisation as its no fun anymore at the moment.
Locally everybody seems to be busy and have dropped out by now or not yet back from traveling the world and the whole PGA bit is really going of in a direction i don’t like, with involving people and structural tendencies which I (we) had problems before and who I prefer never ever to see again, actually.
[No it’s not Ireland Indymedia, who behaved quite dishonest at mayday 2004, though the discussion about log files really should concern and include them, too.]
I am wondering if we could do any better next year. However, at the moment it looks very unlikely to me.

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