Lost Hamster

Lost the hamster in my sofa tonight. Guess it was a bit pissed off as I cleaned his house of all the rotten food it saved during the last weeks.
Apart from the food starting to rot some of it is also going mouldy, and also it has its hamster shit in between its nuts and veggies. It should be happy that its house is now tidy.
But instead, it tried to grab as much food as possible for moving out of its fairly modern one hamster apartment with house, garden and garage into the dark and depth of the sofa, where it got lost.
slightly annoying that it is not my hamster- it should be returned in some weeks in good nick without any major damages. Who knows what the sofa is going to be like then.
The main problem is also that this particular hamster is also too stupid to use its bodybuilding exercise hamster wheel. So in order to keep it a bit running around it basically has to leave its cage and run around the room, where it first disappeared in the heating, after trying to chew its way out of the room through the electric cables.

Anyway, decided I never want to have a hamster myself, though they are very cute. The cat is back to its owner, it was very nice too.

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